La Vie est Belle — yes, indeed life is beautiful so let’s embrace it everybody! Summer is coming so brace yourselves, I have all the time in the world to blog! *evil laugh*  Hope you like my look! Took my two favorite babies out for a spin– my Celine mini luggage and docs! Have a good night!

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xx, Iah♡

Top: ZARA, Shorts: H&M, Bag: CELINE, Shoes: Doc Martens, Watch: Michael Kors



So as promised, here’s a photo diary of my seventeenth birthday party last November 29, 2013. Yes! It’s late but I promised and again, better late than never! Hahaha! College student right here *hands up*


The food was yummy, I guess? I didn’t eat that night. I didn’t want to feel bloated. Teeheeee

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I got to see most of my batch mates back in high school! They’re the best. (awwe)

IMG_3561 IMG_3602And my favorite paaaaart!! The dessert buffet!! The theme of the dessert buffet was fashion. Haha! Love the designer bag cupcakes <3

1012792_716056915074142_1837539034_n 1480673_716056711740829_1104923679_n 1488174_716056718407495_1432215475_n


My cake was beautiful too!

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That’s it! I enjoyed it so much, obviously. Everyone did! My family was there, some of my relatives came over too and my friends–my STS family! Thank you so much to my mom for organizing (as always) this what she calls “simple party” for me. Also to my little sister who surprised me at 12mn and to kuya and to everyone who made that day a very special one.



That night, I realized how lucky I am as a person. I thank God everyday for that and especially for giving me a wonderful & amazing mom. Without her, I wouldn’t be who I am now.



So guys, life is too short! Let’s be thankful for what we have! Of what God has given us. After all, He makes all of these possible. So, thank you, God! ☺︎


xx, Iah♡

Skirt & top: Miss Selfridge, Shoes: Forever21





Better late than never right? I have a lot of explaining to do but before that I wanna greet you guys a Merry Christmas & a prosperous New Year! I hope you all had a fun and meaningful holidays. So, the reason why I haven’t updated my blog is that I had so much stuff to do for the holidays that I couldn’t squeeze in even a single blog post. I had to fly in and out to Cebu, I went to Bangkok, Guam & Korea which I will be posting a photo diary soon. But anyway, I promised to myself that this year, I will keep up with my blog!!! I have a lot of plans for this year, which I hope I can put into actions, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed. Haha! So let us all leave the bad vibes of 2013 behind and hope for a fun and a better year ahead. Thank you to all those who read my blog and visit my site once in a while. It really means a lot to me. Last pic for all of you below! Hahahaha


I love you guys! Always!

xx, Iah♡


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Hooray for yet another post from me! Haha! This is what I wore to my Lola’s birthday brunch last October. Yes I know, it’s been 2 months. This jumpsuit is superb — it’s so comfy yet stylish at the same time. I even wore this to my flight yesterday from ceb to manila and went straight to school. I kept my outfit really really simple cause of course, I want it to look classy or maybe I’m just making excuses cause I was too tired to grab accessories to add to my outfit. Haha! Shhhhh! Anyway, what do you think? Have a great day ahead guys! My next post will be about my 17th birthday. Abangan! Hahahaha naks!

xx, Iah♡

Jumpsuit: ZARA, Flats: Forever 21, Bag: Chanel, Watch: Michael Kors


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It’s good to be able to blog again! So as we all know, the Philippines got hit by the monstrous supertyphoon, Yolanda and it made a huge destruction in the Visayas. It has been 2 weeks but I still pray everyday that those who got affected by the typhoon will soon be okay and they are given all the help that they need. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I know that in time, through our prayers, everything will be okay and we will rise up together as a country. Bangon Pilipinas!


I wore this outfit to a birthday lunch at Rockwell sometime last week. What do you think? I wanted it to be casual but still looks classy at the same time. Don’t you just love the shorts from ZARA? Because I do! I love it’s color combination and mostly the pleats! That’s it for now.. teehee. Hope you have a fun friday!


xx, Iah♡

Shorts, Top and Shoes: ZARA, Bag and Watch: Michael Kors

Photos by: Adones Moniza




IMG_7712 IMG_7714 IMG_7709 1453225_10202595912764716_1015900233_n

What I wore earlier before my flight to Manila. I am back in the metro and I miss Cebu already! Back to reality, okay!!! Whenever I go on trips, I make sure to dress really really comfortably, most especially when you’re inside the airport and airplane, it gets really cold. So earlier I decided to wear a super comfortable and soft sweater plus jeans despite the hot weather outside — as long as I feel comfy! Hope you had a great day guys! <3

xx, Iah♡

Sweater: Mango, Pants: Forever 21, Bag: Louis Vuitton, Sunnies: Fendi



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Hey everyone! I’m baaaaack finally! And this time I hope I’m back for good. Like what I said in my last post, I got really really busy with school and I also had my blog re-designed. So how do you like the new styletale? I love it! It’s so simple, just the way I like it. First semester ended 2 weeks ago and my sembreak is almost over. I’m still in Cebu right now but I’ll be flying back to Manila tomorrow morning because classes for the second semester starts tomorrow *cries* But nevertheless, my stay in Cebu has been nothing but fun. I’ll miss this place for sure! For my outfit, we had a quick shoot earlier this afternoon and take note, my 11-year-old sister, Nicole, took these photos! She’s amazing and I’m gonna miss her! Plaid is back, my friends. Plaid is the new black. Lol.


While we were redesigning my blog, I found out that my old posts are gone.. for life. That’s a long story. But whatever, I’m here now and I couldn’t be happier. So, I hope you liked my come back post my dear readers. I will try my very very best to post as much as I can, now that I’m loving my blog so much! That’s it for now! x


xx, Iah♡

Shorts & Ring: Forever 21, Shirt, Shoes & Necklace: ZARA, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Earrings: Chanel Vintage, Lipstick: NARS in Red Lizard shade